Zita in "Gianni Schicchi", University of Southern Maine

"Rinuccio's snobbish aunt Zita (deliciously bitchy Alexandra Dietrich)...leads the pack in pooh-poohing the self-made Gianni...the cast launches into a marvelously manic show of slapstick and send-ups. The sense of movement is energetic, as when the family of nine tears the house apart in search of the will; and tableaux are beautifully placed, as when everybody climbs up on chairs behind Zita to read it. The cast impressively negotiates their very active stage movements with demanding vocals, and are also — perhaps not least — downright hilarious at times. Their caricatures of hypocrisy are decadent, gleeful, and patently recognizable — a satisfyingly wry bookend to an evening of moral inquiry."
- Megan Grumbling, The Portland Phoenix