Tisbe in "La Cenerentola", Boston Opera Collaborative

"Clorinda and Tisbe, the wicked stepsisters, played by Laura DellaFera and Alexandra Dietrich, respectively, are too much fun and start the production off on a light, graceful, and humorous note. They delight in showing the audience their ugliest qualities and relish in the humor, despite singing in Italian. Yes, the biggest challenge, like many operas, is overcoming the language barrier for the audience, and this cast rises and exceeds this challenge beautifully. Their father, played by the commanding Ian Bowling, is consistently brilliant, despite his difficult material, both in his character and his music. These three actors feed off each other’s energies and moments, creating delightful moments onstage and help the audience transcend the language and cultural barrier to appreciate the humor and social commentary as Rossini intended."
-Brian Balduzzi, My Entertainment World